Behind the scenes – Resene NZ Fashion Tech colour of fashion



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Behind the scenes – Resene NZ Fashion Tech colour of fashion

Resene NZ Fashion Tech Colour of Fashion – part 2

Liam, Young and Rawii all have differing responses to Anahera’s Journey. Here’s how they interpreted the story to fit their individual garments.

Liam Julian #gumboot


“Her gumboots were dark & sinister with red trim. She wore them to match her KiwiAna and dark attire consisting of Swanndri Jacket and old stubbies.”


“Gumboots clonking… Anahera makes her presence known”


Young Toalele Lualua #hashtag

WATER “The water opening her mind to a free spirit and a captive eye”


FIRE “Anahera, like a moth drawn to a flame”


EARTH “Her entrance to this world had meaning, had purpose. The grounds ever so green”


Rawii Rangi #leapyear

“I wonder….”


“The future belongs to the curious. The ones who are not afraid to try it…”


“…explore it, poke at it, question it

and turn it inside out.”


Resene NZ Fashion Tech Colour of Fashion – part 2

Resene NZ Fashion Tech Colour of Fashion

We at Level Up have been given the opportunity to document the creative process of three designers. This is their journey so far…

Liam Julian #gumboot


“My name is Anahera, it means Angel”


“At the moment of my birth my mother told me a choir of seagulls welcomed me as a majestic royal albatross….. glided across the crashing waves of the early sun kissed shore on a remote eastern beach in a small settlement on the edge of Aotearoa..”



Young Toalele Lualua #hashtag


“Magnificent colours and shapes whirled and swirled around me..”


“..giant brush strokes swept across canvases in vibrant textures, joining together then separating in layers of beauty and transforming energy;…”


“..I felt clothed in their beauty. I was transfixed by their luminescence and mercurial quality; by the dancing colour combination and happy unison”.



Rawii Rangi #leapyear


“Meandering down the street in wondrous abandon I was mesmerised by all the activity that surrounded me, until I stumbled unaware on a large building of a futuristic and imposing stature..”


“..I heard it calling me closer, singing my name and enticing me with mystery..”


Anahera’s Journey written by Carly Tolley, NZ Fashion tech

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Resene NZ Fashion Tech Colour of Fashion

Photo Op Shot

We caught up with some fashionista’s who see the value in sustainability by op shopping to freshen up their wardrobe. Here are their best buys.

Jennifer’s jeans with funky side zip, Hayley’s black  Japanese lolita inspired top.

::IMG_5127 copy::IMG_5124 copy::IMG_5114 copy

Sam’s baby pink shirt tied at front.

::IMG_5143 copy::IMG_5144 copy

Sara with her family heirloom, tourquoise necklace and Roi’s hand made dress from re-gifted fabric.

::IMG_5150 copy::IMG_5155 copy::IMG_5134 copy

Aimee in head to toe op shop & mum’s wardrobe. Best find is her vintage Louis Vuitton handbag.

::IMG_5104 copy::IMG_5179 copy

Suzi & Brooke with their classic denim jackets and Natalia’s Nike tearaways and kicks.

::IMG_5079 copy::IMG_5096 copy

Level Up’s very own Ana, with her peace master tee.

::IMG_5158 copy

Photo Op Shot

A brief encounter..

With Rawii Rangi and Liam Julian, who are currently doing their diploma at NZ Fashion Tech.

Our moment with Rawii..

What & who did you have in mind when you created this ensemble?

“I had a strong woman in mind. You know . The one who doesn’t take crap from others. A very tomboy kind of aspect. Like don’t mess with me kind of deal. For who ? I guess for someone who I want to be. This was all really a style I like . Which is why it lead more to the “sporty” type rather than being a feminine aspect like most lingerie is”.

::IMG_5043 copy::IMG_5044 copy

How would you like someone to feel when they wear this lingerie set?
I know it’s just an undergarment. But you know there’s something satisfying about have right clothes on to make your day better or to give you some kind of confidence. It’s not a piece that makes you who you are , it’s more of a piece where you embrace yourself and start thinking ” I’m amazing I can do whatever I want”.

::rawii copy::rawii mood copy

Instagram: Yowie_by_Rawii


Our moment with Liam..

What design aspects did you need to take into account when you created your under garments?

One of the main things was comfort. For me being a dude, I have never worn lingerie, I wouldn’t know what was comfortable or not, so I really had to focus on the little parts like the gusset (which is where the crotch sits) and shaping the lingerie. Shaping and comfort is my main concern

I didn’t know the shape of it I didn’t know the comfort of it – so I focused on keeping it simple”.



How did you come about these solutions?

By trial and error, I did about 7 or 8 different types of styles and I did 3 of the one I liked, and I’ve still got more to do. Still trial and error”.

::IMG_5030 copy




Did you ask anyone for assistance while you’ve been working through this design process?

“I asked Susan (tutor) what she thought would be good. “Would this be comfortable, would this fit” you know, basic stuff I guess.”

Has creating this lingerie given you any insight to what the wearer would want & need?

“For me the wearer could be a real punk girl or real feminine girl, so I always try and find the line between those two so I wouldn’t go too extravagant.”


A brief encounter..

Fine tee’s by The Ninetys



We had a chance to check in with Kere Paul and the team at The Ninetys XC. We enjoyed learning who they are, where they’re from and what they’re into! Here’s what they had to say….

1. You say “The Ninetys XC, it’s not a brand, but a lifestyle.” How would you describe the lifestyle of The Ninetys wearer?

“The slogan “its not a brand, but a lifestyle” really goes back to streetwear as a whole. Real streetwear I believe, stands for a certain lifestyle or culture whether it’s skating, hip hop, surf, dance etc. Our brand has always been about 90’s kids. How I would describe a Ninetys wearer is really hard to narrow down. I would say a teenager to late 20s, who goes out a lot and stays up too late, up with the latest trends and music, likes hip hop, goes out clubbing, partying and loves going to big events and concerts.

Social media is a must, has heaps of friends. Just enjoys life and being young really.


2. What inspired you and motivated you to choose fashion as a career path?

“We actually started the brand in our business class back at Manurewa High School in 2013. There were 4 of us at the time and we decided that our group was going to make and sell t-shirts as our product. We were all into our clothes back then. Always had the best brands like Starter, The Hundreds, Pyrex and all those brands that were the sh!t back then. Two years before starting the brand my older brother and his friends were printing fakes and eventually I started to do the same. Actually so much that I became close to the owners and had a solid connection with our suppliers, when we did start the brand.

We started off without a single dollar and spent a lot of our interval and lunch breaks hustling kids for their lunch money lol. Trying to sell shirts, that we couldn’t even make until they paid the deposit first. We have come a long way from those days.

We have our own machines and do the printings ourselves which enables us to have more control over the business. From the first time we told everyone our idea and concept people have just connected and felt like it’s cool! It’s still that way today, our peers can relate and just automatically vibe with it. That would have to my biggest inspiration just knowing people actually feel and f%#k with what we do!!”

3. How would you describe The Ninetys aesthetic?

 “Our aesthetic would have to be clean, simple and street friendly. We design clothes you could wear everyday without looking too over the top, or too dull. We are very black and white with our colourways but how can you go wrong with black or white! Our designs and collection are usually a reflection on how we as a team feel or what kind of a buzz we are on. Our latest collection we called the #9collection. Our generation is the last with the 9’s on our D.O.B we feel it’s only right that we carry it on. Our style and story is still growing and finding itself but we are progressing and learning each day. We want our customers to see our growth for themselves. We are real with our brand and concept.”

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4. Who is your style icon and why?

“For me personally it would have to be Bobby Hundreds. I’m a big streetwear fan and I feel people get confused with fashion and streetwear. Streetwear is real, timeless garments that are casual but still stand out if you see it on the streets. Bobby Hundreds I feel is the new king of streetwear! Of course after Shaun Stussy (Stussy) who started this streetwear industry with his brand that’s still at the top to this day. But, Bobby Hundreds just has it all nailed down from garments, culture and marketing. He finds new ways to stay relevant and collabs with everyone. His style is very street, fresh AF and the design team is just on another level when it comes to graphics. Also The Hundreds atom bomb is just iconic for streetwear. If you know street wear you know who Bobby Hundreds is but if you don’t then he’s the owner of the brand The Hundreds.”

5. What are your future aspirations and plans for the brand?

“Future for THE NINETYS would to one day open a shop here in Auckland city.

Build on our lifestyle and culture.

Help young 90s kids chasing a dream to reach it.

Put on for our country and show the world that our style is just as good as the rest of the world.

Things to be looking forward to is more drops and garments to come out regularly.

Our first Fashion show/Parade that is to happen late this year. keep an eye for dates.

Just a more active year from myself and the team.

 We’re here to take NZ streetwear to streets all around the world.”


Follow us on instagram and facebook @THENINETYSXC



Fine tee’s by The Ninetys